It is undoubtedly trending that candy color is the classic that can light up every summer. From the colorful colors of the picturesque Portofino Bay to the citrus tones of the fascinating Amalfi Coast, Bulgari’s color inspiration comes from the magical colors of the Riviera, adding a playful and easy-going sense of its Serpenti Forever Riviera series.

Bvlgari /Bulgari Serpenti Forever Collection Riviera Candy-colored Calfskin handbag, ref287139/287185/287140

The multi-sensory jewel color of these Bulgari Serpenti Forever bags awakens the mouth-watering ice-cream tones. Made from soft calfskin, the cross-body bag of Bvlgari Serpenti Forever Riviera combines the powerful charm of light tones with fur, citrine, powder, candy quartz and glacier turquoise for a beautiful two-tone combination. The Riviera candy-color calf leather cross-body bag breaks the body color with contrasting tones and is reflected on the edge of the handle, the diagonal leather shoulder strap, and the frame of the Serpenti Forever sculpture body and the side folds.

Bvlgari Bulgari Serpenti Forever Collection Riviera Gradient Candy Pearl Fish Skin Crossbody Bag ref 287309

Serpenti Forever Multi-shaded Galuchat bag is made from the fish leather and has the delicate candy color design, bringing together all the summer feelings to ensure that a fresh look is completely enough with this cross-body bag! The colors of glacier turquoise and gorgeous tourmaline give it a dreamlike beauty. This flip bag is extremely difficult to handle because the material used is ultra-thin and fragile, and the small size further exacerbates the challenge.

Bulgari is fully dedicated to the remarkable craftsmanship, first dyeing the pearlfish skin as white, then hand-painted by artisans. In order to ensure a smooth transition from the flip cover to the bag body, it is necessary to achieve the 100% perfect precision. Finally, sprinkle finely divided metal foil on the surface of the leather to create a “flash drill” effect. Romantic, dreamy, precious, this “Summer Diamond” is an extraordinary interpretation of the Italian Riviera’s midsummer night’s dream.

Bulgari Riviera series of candy-colored bags, a dream about the Italian Riviera. The combination of everyday styling and fresh elegance without leisurely feelings reveals the dual effects of elegance and femininity.

According to the official website, the price of these Bvlgari snake-head bags is about 4,000 US dollars, which is very high for most girls, especially those who just start working in the office. And unfortunately, because they were released about a month ago, there is no price-friendly replica on the market so far. But surely, there will be some exception clone products in the near future, because they are so chic and seductive, it will definitely become the most popular bag this summer/spring and will be the favorite bag by countless celebrities, supermodels, and fashion bloggers.