In April, a new round of auction seasons has begun. In fact, the important antique jewelry auctions should find that there are some antique jewelry evening bags in every antique jewelry auction. In general, the antique evening bag is divided into four categories: full-gold woven, gold-framed, velvet-covered, and cigarette case and a cosmetic case.

1.All-gold woven
These handbags are all woven with gold or gold thread, embellished with diamonds or some other small colored stones. This type is a relatively common shape of the evening bag, and it is also the structure of a women’s wallet that we often see now. In the many movies after World War I, it is also the style of evening bag that often appears.

2. Gold fixed case
This evening bag is made of gold, and the bag body grows in a barrel shape, a cylindrical shape, or a mango shape (this type is called “Melone” evening bag). This kind of fixed-cassette evening bag, in addition to the regular handbag function, also has a specially made cosmetic case bag (with a clear cosmetic function partition). And it also has a handbag that is made into a cigarette box function ( smaller size, but The antique jewelry case is much bigger.)

1970 Bvlgari Melon Minaudiere evening bag was loved by Elsa Martinelli and Julianne Moore.

Kate Winslet with Bvlgari Melon Minaudiere evening bag

3. Velvet
This type of evening bag is currently a relatively large number of people, but because the velvet body is easily damaged, there are very few well-preserved ones (it can be seen here that the bag made of precious metal has the advantage of durability in the age). Most of these handbags are woven with black velvet and are also woven with colored velvet. The opening and closing buckle at the mouth is decorated with gold, diamonds, colored stones and pearls. In addition to the traditional European style, Oriental style, Egyptian art or Middle Eastern/Indian art style, etc., are often expressed in the shape of gemstone cuts and colored woven yarn.

4. Cigarette box and cosmetic case
In the evening bag, the smaller size is the cigarette case and the cosmetic case. These small box bags are generally stored in the evening bag, and some boxes with special function parts can be directly worn on the body and part of the waist.

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Bvlgari Serpenti Boxy imitated evening bag