Inspired by the Mediterranean Eden, Bvlgari Spring/Summer 2017 collection is inspired by legendary craftsmanship and is perfected in modern design. This is a profound interpretation of the radiance and darkness of the Garden of Eden. In the spring and summer of 2017, the Bvlgari accessories family pays tribute to the skilled creators and launches the most respected iconic series: Serpenti.

Bvlgari Serpenti Forever “Serpentage” imitated bag

The soul snakes surrounded by many legends are full of charm and closely integrated with human history. The history of the snake can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology, symbolizing wisdom, vitality and life cycle – today, it is reborn in Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti collection.

This Serpentage snake-streaked handbag seduces the spirit of the snake to a new level with a distinct color, embellished with cloud topaz and pink spinel, inspired by the 1965 precious Serpenti high jewelry bracelet watch. A multi-color enamel process is used. To sing the vibrancy of the Roman jeweler’s personality, Bulgari re-read the archives, reinterpret these ancient accessories, and select rare python skins to create modern accessories. The design of the handbag is ever-changing, composed of the most exquisite parts of the leather, creating a protective color effect, such as the snake’s eyelids, dazzling and stimulating. The python skin must be bleached and then processed before it is ensured that the python skin has perfectly adhered. After the start of the process design, according to the size of each python skin scale, the printing is done meticulously. The surface is then softened and polished to achieve a perfect surface finish.

Bvlgari Serpenti Viper imitated bag

The Serpenti Viper has become a symbol that touches the heart with a sleek, serpentine design. The design of the pattern is inspired by the light body shape of the snake and the unique triangular snakehead. The new colors and innovative design of the Serpenti Viper collection are unique. Its snaps are made up of sparkling dragonflies and two malachites, just like the snake snakes with two sharp teeth, protecting the safety of valuables in the handbag. Removable leather handles and shoulder straps for added comfort for all sizes. The Serpenti Viper collection is perfectly suited to all the clothes in the wardrobe and can be flexibly matched to any style.

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