There are still ten days in April, and on May 1st, Mother’s Day will come on the way. I don’t know if you have arranged a time to accompany her as a child, a well-prepared gift, a rich dinner made by hand, talk to her about recent events, go shopping with her, go for a walk in the countryside… Of course, as a mother, she has to dress herself up. After all, this is a holiday for each mother, and life requires a sense of ritual. Prepare some matching suggestions for the elegant mothers and have a perfect Mother’s Day.

Actress Jamie-Chung
Matching formula = medium length blazer + high waist straight pants + sneakers

Fashion blogger Brittany Xavier
With formula = short jacket + high waist straight pants + high heels

Actress Nina Dobrev
Matching formula = medium length suit jacket + high waist wide leg pants + high heel sandals

With formula = suit jacket + high waist straight pants + sports shoes

Pants with matching guidelines:
High-waist pants are preferred; avoid hips too tight (unless you have a peach hip), and tops with a simple basic. In fact, the above two are not perfect saviors to modify the figure. Because the correct way to dress is only to pay attention to it: don’t expose your wide crotch uncovered. If people want to be perfect and want to be thin, choosing a dress will be better. A-line skirt is a textbook model to solve the problem of the body. From the perspective of the length of the skirt, the knees are ten centimeters suitable for the buttocks of the buttocks, but the ladies with thin legs can stretch the legs and reveal the beautiful calves.

Actress Qilan-Sipka

The knee length is suitable for ladies with thick thighs and normal calves. You can choose a pair of high heels with a half skirt and a high waistline.

The long skirt is the most insured, starting from the waist and hips, you can’t see what your lower body looks like. Remember to add a waistline to your shirt.

Fashion Editor Deborah Reyner Sebag

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Fashion item recommendation
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