This season, Bvlgari uses the “eclectic and fashionable charm” to show the unique beauty to the public. Outstanding inspiration, rich colors, intricate craftsmanship, and versatile design make Bvlgari accessories be the focus of 2019.

Charming gestures start with color. Serpenti Forever calfskin bag is unveiled in a new look, while Bvlgari jewel colors add a new dimension to the classic monochrome style. The new craftsmanship is completely exquisite, and the unique design and the perfect touch are natural. Due to Bvlgari’s signature convex cut, Serpenti Cabochon bag is exquisitely soft, luxurious and soft. The extraordinary craftsmanship is a special feature of Bvlgari: from exotic pleated leather to sparkling Cosmic Python, Lunar Python and metallic luster snake leather, each bag is born with innate Bvlgari features and its superb leather craftsmanship.

Inspired by the concept of “small but powerful”, Bvlgari also launched a jewel-like mini leather collection in 2019. AtomicGlam is the smallest package currently available from Bvlgari, proving that strength, energy and eye-catching appeal are never limited by size. Bulgari’s exquisite craftsmanship, while maintaining the original charm, delicately restored the prototype of Serpenti.

Serpenti Forever Color Superstar
As a master of color matching and application, Bvlgari lights up the 2019 autumn and winter with vibrant gemstones. From starfish coral to tropical turquoise, flamingo quartz to milk opal, a dazzling array of colors, injecting a new dimension into the Serpenti Forever bag.

Serpenti Cabochon: Extraordinary softness
This new ultra-soft style is known for its sculptural silhouette and represents a new moment in the Serpenti. Inspired by Bvlgari’s favorite gem cutting method: Serpenti Cabochon convex cut.

Serpenti Forever Diamond Blast
This season’s “eclectic” spirit also comes from the Serpenti Forever Diamond Blast collection. Exquisite materials and eclectic colors create an avant-garde style that exudes a chic urban style. The shoulder strap can be adjusted to two lengths, either shoulder or crossbody.

Continue the classic charm
Bvlgari is known for its unique technological innovations, and the ancient leather craftsmanship adds to the brand’s appeal: from exotic folds to creative python treatments, Serpenti is captivating.

Everything comes from the retro-style Serpenti Swing of deep jasper water snakeskin bucket bags. Precious pleated suede is a feature of Serpenti Forever Diamond Blast.

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