Bulgari Cinemagia review

Watching movies has become one of the indispensable entertainment activities in everyone’s life. During the period of sitting in front of the screen, we seem to enter another world. Following the protagonist, we also experience the infinite possibilities of life. Today we would like to invite you to watch a movie directed by Bulgari.

The glory of the Italian film industry rose in the 1950s. The workroom and studio of the famous Roman cinema city Cinecittà is a good example. As a result, the movie world has become a constant source of inspiration for Bulgari. This year, the Italian jewelry family Bulgari presented gorgeous inspiration from the collision between the brand and the screen, as well as the rich creativity and pioneering skills shared by the two, launched the Cinemagia high-end jewelry series.Bulgari action necklace review

Previously, movies were recorded with film strips, and The Bulgari Cinemagia Action necklace is a tribute to the creative invention of celluloid film strip in 1885. The necklace is based on the shape of a roll film, and the introduction of zirconium metal echoes the theme of the necklace.

The eye-catching silver-black gloss reproduces the glamour texture of an old-time film strip. The Action necklace was carefully polished by a goldsmith for more than 800 hours, thus obtaining a flexible and soft texture like a roll film version, and the surface of the necklace was decorated with 32 carats of paved diamonds.

The movie “La Dolce Vita” (Sweet Life) was dubbed “moral loss” by the media when it was first screened. All of the plots conflict with the conservative age and social system. However, such “notoriety” “Not only did it not destroy the film, but it also had a very good publicity effect. The film not only became a very popular film but also recognized by the audience and became a cultural phenomenon in Western society. The word” La Dolce Vita “is even loaded into the history of contemporary western culture and can even be found on many Italian products.

This Emerald Affair necklace is a perfect expression of Dolce Vita’s philosophy. A more than 24-carat octagonal ladder-shaped cut emerald, like a star shining on the stage, blooms unparalleled bright light, which is particularly noticeable. In addition, the necklace is set with 14 octagonal and 4 baguette-cut diamonds (FH VVS-VS grade, 11.88 carats), 276 fancy bread-cut emeralds (9.94 carats), and decorated with paved diamonds.

The replicas of these new-arrival designer jewelry cannot be found yet. There is no doubt that the original price is extremely high. We think it’s extremely worthwhile to wait patiently for high-quality imitated jewelry of Bulgari Cinemagia collection.