bulgari-serpenti-amethyste watch 2019

The semi-precious stone Amethyst which is purple in color has been associated with Royalty for centuries with the stone widely used in the crown and other jewelry. Specifically amethyst is popular with the Italian luxury jewelry house Bvlgari since the ancient Romans wore purple and white clothes for various important functions. Bvlgari is famous for its beautiful and intricate designer jewelry. In 2019, the Italian jeweler released a new series of watches in its Serpenti collection. Many Bvlgari fans are interested in News and review of Bvlgari new Serpenti amethyst Capsule watch so that they can choose a suitable watch.

Amethyst jewelryElizabeth Taylor amethyst jewelry

For many decades, amethyst jewelry has been extremely popular among celebrities ranging from the actress Elizabeth Taylor, whose purple eyes matched the amethyst color to royalty like Queen Sylvia of Sweden.Royal celebrities and Amethyst jewelry

Other celebrities who are spotted wearing Amethyst jewelry are Sofia Vergara, Zoe Salanda, Jamie King. Bvlgari has been making jewelry watches in the Serpenti series since the 1940’s when it released a bracelet with a snake motif and a hidden watch. The Serpenti amethyst SERIES of Bvlgari consists of three different watches, the Serpenti Misterio bangle, Serpenti Scaglie bracelet, and Serpenti Incantati watch.

Bangle and watchSerpenti Misterio watch of Bvlgari 2019

Serpenti Misterio is a bangle with a hidden watch of size 36 mm made from 18K rose gold in the form of a snake. The scales of the snake are studded with amethyst stones in a baguette-cut and diamonds. The skeleton head of the snake has pear-shaped amethysts for its eyes. The dial of the watch is made from mother of pearl and the hand of the watch is purple in color.bulgari serpenti icantati watch for celebrities

The Serpenti Incantati was earlier introduced in 2016, and it features a snake with an amethyst head wrapped along with the dial of the watch. The round case of the watch is decorated with diamonds and 33 amethysts. The dial of the watch is white with purple hands and strap.

BraceletBvlgari Serpenti Scaglie watch

The most complicated jewelry in this Serpenti collection is the Serpenti Scaglie, a bracelet which is designed to emulate the scales of the snake. The wrap-around bracelet is made from rose gold, and the scales are embedded with diamonds and amethyst stone. Each scale of the bracelet either has six diamonds or amethyst stones which are buff cut. The dial of the bracelet watch, shaped like the head of the snake, is made from mother of pearl and has violet hands. The head is crowned with three brilliant-cut diamonds and the indices of the watch also have diamonds embedded in them.