Bvlgari Fiorever

Bulgari Fiorever series, with simple and bold lines and brilliant diamonds in the “Eternal City” Rome, witnessed the grand and magnificent vitality, freeze the moments of joy that never faded, always inspiring the independent women who are bold, transforming the romance in their hearts into an eternal flower on them, interpreting Fiorever lady’s delicate elegance.

Fiore translates “flowers” in Italian and Forever translates “eternal”. Bvlgari cleverly combines the two words to create Fiorever. The iconic magnificent pattern of the Bulgari Fiorever series draws inspiration from ancient Roman civilization, dating as far back as the ancient city of Pompeii. This elegant decoration can be seen in many ancient Roman ruins, including garden murals at the former Roman villa site of Villa di Livia, statues stored in the Palazzo Massimo, and mosaic mosaics of the tomb of the Virgin Gostania . This 3000-year-old Fiorever flower shape symbolizes eternal shine.

The flower shape becomes another iconic element of Bulgari. Fiorever jewellery range from high-end jewelry set with luxurious diamonds to modern and exquisite pieces suitable for daily wear. The series includes necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, all with eight-petal flowers as the core element, but blooming in different postures. Whether transformed into a single flower or a shining cluster of flowers, it emits a gentle light, exuding an elegant, light and romantic atmosphere. The Bulgari Fiorever jewelry made of white gold is pure and clear, which complements the shininess of diamonds; the flowers made of rose gold are more bright and vivid, revealing appealing charm that is hard to ignore.

Stunning petals embellish the ears, fingertips, and wrists, releasing the unique temperament of Fiorever women’s freedom and charming temperament. It advocates passionate and chic Italian style, with a lifestyle full of surprises and expectations, interpreting the charm of following the heart, being independent, being honest, and being true to oneself. The Fiorever jewelry series guides every girl who wears it, like the eight-petalled flower in full bloom in Rome, living a unique and shining life.